L’Manberg, The After Story

“It’s coming along quite well wouldn’t you say?” Tubbo asks, turning to Tommy. “I’d say you make a great president,” Tommy assures. Walking down the newly formed oak path that sat over the crater. Every time Tommy saw that crater a small part of his heart broke, not only for Wilbur, his lost friend, his brother figure, his entire life, but for the part of L’manburg that he took down with him. Tommy walked with Tubbo in silence, recalling the words that stabbed him in the back so long ago, “You will never be president,” played in his mind on repeat. Wilbur’s voice filled his head, “It was never meant to be. My unfinished symphony. There was a special place. My L’manburg.” Tommy dragged his feet along the ground as Tubbo led him to the new built podium. “This is our land Tommy, our L’manburg,” Tubbo announced proudly. A weak smile spread across Tommy’s face as he nodded along with Tubbo. “None of us know what we’re doing Tommy, we’re fucked,” Wilbur’s voice chanted into Tommy’s head. His mind was a battle ground, a land of dismay, a field of anger and sadness, a burden. “Our L’manburg,” Tubbo repeated. “It was never meant to be,” continued in Tommy’s head, “It was never meant to be.” Tubbo and Tommy walked home along the path he once celebrated and loved, but now felt empty. Tommy returned to his home sitting in his cold and empty bed, utterly alone.

“You will never be president,” those words always stuck with him. They were like a curse, a shadow in the dark, a monster under the bed. “He’s right, Wilbur was right, I will never be president,” Tommy said to himself. He only let himself feel like this when he was alone. Alone was vulnerable, alone was quiet, alone was danger in his mind. “He told me I was president, I was given the spot, and I couldn’t take it. I could never be president. I will never be enough,” He continued to himself. The scribbles of his mind wouldn’t calm down, the darkness that followed him wouldn’t stop. He lay restless in his bed. Seeing flashes every time he closes his eyes, tnt exploding, his friend standing over the ruble covered in blood on his deathbed, the smile that laid across Wilburs face as he lay dying over the chaos, the happiness he found in destroying it all, left Tommy traumatized. Some nights instead of laying awake in his room stuck in his mind, he would walk to Pogtopia, his old home. Walking through the oak forest as the wind blew through his short hair and cooled his cheeks was a calming experience, it was one of the only things that would make him feel alive recently. As he climbed down into the once loved Pogtopia, he saw nothing but empty chests and dusty olb buttons, reminders of the war. The worn down ravine was nothing but cobblestone paths and an empty dirt patch that used to be a farm. Living in this lousy old ravine sounds like hell, but it’s where some of his best memories were formed, but all of the good was blown up that dreaded day along with WIlbur.

He can recall every detail of that day. The way Tubbo stood so proudly overlooking the once flourishing town. The way Technoblade his old role model betrayed L’manburg, leaving everyone in shambles. The way Wilbur pressed the button so passionately, destroying their life’s work. As Tommy walked along the torn path he’d worked on so long ago, he tried to calm his mind. He closed his eyes trying to remember the good old days, the days when he was happy. He leaned his back against the wall, burying his head into his hands, holding back tears he sunk on to the ground. “Rough day huh?” a familiar voice asked.

Tommy’s head shot up searching the room for the origin of the voice. As his eyes scanned the room, a familiar figure approached him. “Technoblade? What are you doing here?” Tommy questioned in response. “I couldn’t sleep. I always come here when I can’t sleep,” Techno casually replied as he stood by Tommy’s side, reaching his arm out to help him up. As Tommy grabbed his arm and pulled himself up he said, “How come I’ve never seen you here?” “I never let you. I’ve seen you a few times,” Techno said as he began to walk towards the exit. “Oh, okay I guess,” Tommy said with a hint of confusion.

“You and I aren’t too different, you know.” Techno said as he began to climb the steep stairs that lead out to the woods. “Are you kidding me? We are complete opposites, I would never betray my country,” Tommy says with a tone of defense. A smile crept onto Techno’s face as he said,”You’ve been with this country longer than anyone else, and how do they repay you by making Tubbo president. You saved their country, and they ignore you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tommy you can’t always be the hero.” “I- I didn’t want to be the president, I turned it down,” Tommy was able to stutter out. He knew that it wasn’t how he felt, but it was a good enough defense. “Always the right hand man, never the leader,” Techno said with a sigh. “You only brought me on this server to kill innocent people and protect you, and now you call me crazy when I think the system is screwed,” Techno continued, “Haven’t you heard the saying Tommy, History always repeats itself. All I want to do is end all of this and I will be done.” Tommy continued to follow Techno, but didn’t reply. They walked in silence as he tried to process the words bouncing around in his brain. “You will never be president. My unfinished symphony. We’re fucked,” Wilbur continued in his head.

Tommy followed Techno into the deep woods, until Techno finally came to a stop in front of a door placed in the wall of a small hill. “Here we are,” Techno said as he pushed open the door to reveal a massive house. There were chest lining the walls and many stands displaying Technos coveted enchanted nethorite, but as we turned to the left, a library was displayed. It held important documents and materials dating back to the very beginning of L’manburg. Tommy wandered in sliding his hand across the books he once watched Wilbur write. The declaration of independence, the book they tried to trick Schlatt with, everything was there. “I’m here to finish his legacy Tommy. The only way for there to be eternal peace, is to destroy L’manburg for good,” Techno explained, “You can’t be a hero Tommy, so join me. Become the villain.”




I'm 14 so my writing's not going to be amazing. Also I wrote almost everything at 3am so that's that but yeah, enjoy! Thanks!

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I'm 14 so my writing's not going to be amazing. Also I wrote almost everything at 3am so that's that but yeah, enjoy! Thanks!

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